CUS featured in the news

Over the last several days Center for Urban Studies staff members have been featured in local media outlets because of their knowledge of politics, the city of Detroit, volunteerism, and crime. Be sure to check out these articles with the links below.

  • Center for Urban Studies Director Lyke Thompson speaks with WXYZ-DET on Mike Duggan setting up an exploratory committee for the Detroit mayoral race next year.
  • Center for Urban Studies Director Lyke Thompson comments on the Presidential Debate.
  • Ramona Washington, researcher-program director of the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project at Wayne State University’s Center for Urban Studies, comments on the importance on house board-ups in the city of Detroit. The next 100 Houses board-up date is set for Oct. 27 in the area around Cody High School; AMUS also performs one board-up a week.
  • David Martin, research associate with the Center for Urban Studies at Wayne State University, comments on parolee supervision in an article about the Michigan Department of Corrections.

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