Detroit’s Population Density Below Other Major Cities

In Detroit, there is about 677,000 people living in a 139 square mile area; this translates to about 4,900 people per square mile. Comparatively, in New York City the population density¬†is about 28,000 people per square mile, in Washington D.C. it is about 11,000 people per square mile, in L.A. it’s about 8,500/square mile, in Chicago it is about 12,000/square mile and in San Francisco it is about 18,000/square mile. When looking at cities overseas some of those numbers double, if not triple., a website used to help individuals’ move, ¬†recently created several data visualization images to show how low Detroit’s population density is compared to other large cities. To see this and read the article, click here.

The image below was also provided by them:


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