Editorial: A shift in energy sources is needed

Michigan is facing hotter summers, warmer winters and decreasing rainfall. Levels of several of the Great Lakes are dropping.

Whether all of this is a result of a change in the weather or a result of climate change is debatable, but as a wise man once said, “When insurance is cheap, buy heavy.”

This week’s Drawing Detroit post on the sources of energy used to power Michigan indicates it is time for us to heed this advice. The post clearly shows that Michigan is now committed to an energy budget that drastically increases the risk of heating up the atmosphere, while it ships billions of our very hard earned dollars out of the state.

Shifting to other energy sources will decrease the risk of atmospheric warming and increase our income. Specifically, the post shows we are hugely dependent on coal imported from outside our state. It is already well understood coal is probably the greatest source of greenhouse gases heating up our environment.

If we substitute energy produced in Michigan for highly polluting coal imported from out of state, we get the double benefit of cleaner air and more income to the Michigan producers of this energy.

Happily, we all have the opportunity to step up and assure that this will happen by voting for the Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs proposal on the ballot this November 6. This proposal will require Michigan electric utilities to increase to 25% the amount of retail electric sales that come from renewable sources, including wind, solar, biomass and hydropower. They must accomplish this by 2025.

So let’s buy some insurance, reduce greenhouse gases and increase Michigan jobs by voting yes to this proposal. LT

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