NYT: Number of COVID Deaths Highly Underreported

According to a recent New York Times article, the number of COVID deaths throughout the country is estimated to be undercounted by about 21,500 deaths. This number certainly impacts Michigan, as we reached 4,787 deaths on May 14. In Michigan we know that the daily death numbers are often underreported because the State adds “additional deaths” to its daily total three times a week. These deaths are tacked onto the daily total after they have been discovered by comparing death certificates and the State’s COVID database. However, as this article states, the cause of death for many individuals who died recently is unknown because an autopsy wasn’t conducted and they didn’t receive a COVID test. Additionally, as the virus began to hit the country in the early days many the cause of death for many individuals was listed as “respiratory failure” or multisystem organ failure. Overall, this article shows how this virus continues to kill more people than accounted for, which already totals more than the number of Americans who died over seven decades in the Korean, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

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