By the Numbers: Detroit Burglaries by Neighborhood

Five neighborhoods in Detroit had 150 burglaries ore more in 2017, according to public crime data from the City of Detroit. Warrendale, Regent Park, Franklin Park, Bagley, Cornerstone Village and Brightmoor were these neighborhoods. Warrendale, Franklin Park and Brightmoor are located on the west side of the City while Bagley is closer to the Palmer Park area. Regent Park and Cornerstone Village are on the east side.

By theĀ Numbers:

  • Warrendale: 255
  • Regent Park: 209
  • Franklin Park: 157
  • Bagely: 155
  • Cornerstone Village: 153
  • Brightmoor: 150

**The reported burglaries and the associated geocoding for the maps below are from the City of Detroit’s public open data portal.

In total, there were 8,299 reported burglaries in 2017.

While these five neighborhoods stand out on the map below, what also stands out is the number of neighborhoods with 51 or fewer burglaries in 2017. In total, there were 83 different neighborhoods in the City with 51 or fewer burglaries in 2017. The neighborhoods are primarily located in the central portion of the City, which includes the Downtown and Midtown areas, up through New Center and into the Palmer Park area. There were 13 neighborhoods in the City in 2017 with less than 10 reported burglaries.

By the Numbers:

  • Delray: 9
  • Boston Edison: 8
  • Brewster Homes: 8
  • Greenfield Park: 6
  • Joseph Berry Sub: 6
  • Palmer Woods: 6
  • Cultural Center: 5
  • Green Acres: 5
  • Henry Ford: 5
  • Hubbard Richard: 4
  • Wildemere Park: 4
  • Jeffries: 2
  • Conner Creek Industrial: 1

The map below shows the burglaries discussed above, but by Census Tract rather than neighborhood. The same message is conveyed, yet we are able to see even more closely where the burglaries in the neighborhoods are concentrated.