Drawing Detroit addresses socio-economic questions surrounding Detroit and Southeastern Michigan with charts and maps that provide a deep understanding of the structure of our region.  Much of this is publicly available data that has not been compiled in easily visualized and understood ways. We started with most charts focusing on basic demographic and economic data. In continuing to locate and compile data for the area, we are now drilling down on particular issues and areas, providing an in depth perspective on key problems, challenges and solutions.

This blog is a community effort through the staff of the Center for Urban Studies at Wayne State University. Information is compiled and initially analyzed by Courtney Flynn. However, before posts are published for your viewing, the initial data analyses are then reviewed and further scrutinized by CUS research associates Asmara Afework, John Bulat, Robert Rinaldi, Angela Sarb, and Carrie Beth Langley, along with Center Director Lyke Thompson. Carrie Beth Langley, John Bulat and Ashley Mirasol, also serve as cartographers for Drawing Detroit. In addition, those mentioned above, plus others, continue to contribute ideas and information.

We are also asking others to join us on this journey, and we encourage our visitors to become contributors. Address your proposals for charts or maps to Lykethompson@gmail.com.


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